How Much Do Plumbers Charge Per Hour on Average, Which States are the Most Expensive?

Most homeowners have probably had an issue with their plumbing system that necessitated hiring a professional plumber. Sometimes, the servicing might be higher than expected, hence, the notion that all plumbing jobs are expensive. Well, in the real sense, the cost of hiring a professional plumber might vary depending on various factors, including the state you are in, the difficulty level of the task, the type and size of the job, the kind of plumbing tools they will use, and sometimes the time of the day. If plumbers are in high demand during certain periods, the prices might also increase.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire A Plumber?

The majority charge an hourly price ranging from $45 to $200 per hour. Many certified professionals charge between $80 and $130 per hour, with home repair rates around $45. Home repair projects, such as unblocking a sewer or substituting a kitchen sink p-trap, are typically less complex. It is important to do your homework before hiring a professional, so the rates don’t surprise you when the time to pay comes. Sometimes, the professionals charge extra because of the following factors;

  • Setting a fee for the minimum number of hours worked.
  • A trip fee between $50-$300
  • Services fees ranging from $150
  • Sometimes a flat fee rate for the first hour, and a lower rate after the hour.
  • Flat rates for a few common issues. This may include issues like fixing a faucet or unblocking a sink.
  • Union fees may vary depending on location.

A rule of thumb for most jobs that require labor is that the more difficult a task is, the more the charge rate. Additionally, tasks handled by apprentices or journeymen might be cheaper than when handled by professionals. Professionals can handle almost every task concerning plumbing, but apprentices and journeymen are familiar with a limited number of jobs. 

When hiring a plumber, you should be ready to pay not only for the service and trip charges but also the supplies required to finish a task successfully. To avoid frustrations, ensure you get a full view of a quote in writing.

Which States Are the Most Expensive?

When examining the plumbing sector in general, it can be useful to determine the average hourly wage in every state. Bear in mind that this estimate encompasses both the high and low sums and that it is based on a wide range of occupations, from temporary contract employees to master plumbers. To get a better view of the states that are the most expensive, we have aligned the list below;

  • Alaska: $69-$120
  • Connecticut: $50-$100
  • Hawaii: $70-$200
  • Illinois $60-$100
  • Maryland $50-$100
  • Pennsylvania: $70-$200
  • Rhode Island: $60-$100
  • Virginia: $50-$100
  • Massachusetts: $60-$120

Determining How Much Your Plumbing Project Will Cost

Getting at least three quotations from local plumbers is key in determining your project’s spending plan. Recognizing what your neighbors used for the same work, on the other hand, allows you to make an informed choice once the bids are in. Having a list of the most common plumbing services might also help determine how much you might use.

  • Fees for water main repairs range from $300 to $1,250.
  • The cost of installing a water main ranges between $600 and $2,400.
  • Water Heater Installation costs between $700 and $3,000
  • Drain Unclogging Costs: $125-$300 Drain Line Repair Costs: $250-$1,000 Cost to Repair a Leak: $250-$1,000 $150-$700
  • New plumbing pipes cost between $350 and $1,750.
  • Sewer line cleaning costs between $175 and 450 dollars, while sewer main installation costs between $1,400 and $4,600.
  • The cost of repairing a mainline sewer ranges between $1,000 and $4,000.

Why You Should Pay A Professional to Complete the Tasks

While some people wouldn’t agree, plumbing is a task that must be taken seriously. It is critical to have a supply of clean water and secure waste disposal. Although you might believe that identifying established pipes, extracting them, and substituting them is a difficult but overall simple task, you must consider what could eventuate if the operation is not carried out flawlessly.

Pipe leaks are a frequent problem with faulty installation, and the harm they pose can range from inconvenient to disastrous. The price of professional plumbing is often far less compared to the cost of fixing extensive water damage.

Take into account that plumbers carry liability insurance to cover you in the event that something turns out badly while installing. In the occurrence of misfortune, your homeowners’ insurance will step in, but only if the repairs were handled by a professional. Generally, hiring a local plumber is preferable to attempt to do it yourself.

Cost Factors in Plumbing

As mentioned earlier, numerous factors influence the cost of installing or replacing leaky pipes in your residence. The most important factors to consider are the size of your residence, the number of plumbing fixtures you want to fix, the placement of your current pipes, and the material costs.

  1. Size of your home – If your residence is a single-storied building, you will pay less because your plumbing fixtures and bathrooms will be reached easily.
  2. How Many Plumbing Fixtures? – The more your needs, the more you will pay. If you need a routine check-up on all your plumbing systems, you will pay more than someone needing a single repair.
  3. Position of Pipes – Some houses have pipes that are difficult to reach, making the task even more complex. Such factors can make the cost higher than usual.
  4. Material Cost – If extra materials are needed for certain tasks, the plumber will request that you pay for them. It wouldn’t make sense if the plumber or restoration company paid for your materials. After all, it is your house that needs fixing, and the plumber is only there for the service.


The hourly rate charged by plumbers throughout the country varies due to various factors. This is why some states have different hourly charge rates than others. The state laws might also influence the charges. If you want to schedule maintenance with a professional plumber, consider these factors before calling them in.

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