Tips for cleaning a garbage disposal

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Garbage Disposal?

Unless you regularly clean your garbage disposal, you might end up with a terrible bacterial or mold infestation. Garbage disposal is a miraculous item that saves your energy by reducing the time you spend cleaning leftover food while simultaneously helping the environment by reducing the amount of waste in landfills. These kitchen appliances are well hidden under your sink, making them simple to overlook. 

Garbage disposals normally do a good job of keeping themselves clean by thoroughly breaking waste and transferring it through the sewer. As time goes by, a foul slime forms on the portions of the disposal, and these cannot get cleansed by the grinding motion. The foul slime might form on the soft, slanted region at the grinding chamber’s base and the silicone barrier’s lower parts at the drainage aperture. You can keep the garbage disposal clean and odor-free by cleaning it once a week.

How to Clean the Garbage Disposal

You likely will not need the help of a professional plumber to clean your garbage disposal as the steps are simple and effective. As long as you follow it bit by bit, your garbage disposal will be free from harmful bacteria and mold, leaving your sink area fresh.

  • Switch the Power Off

This is a safety precaution to prevent the garbage disposal from grinding while cleaning. Although your hands will be far from the grinder, it would be safer if the power was off. You don’t want to show up in the emergency room with your fingers halfway ground.

  • Start with the Baffle

Grab an abrasive cleaning sponge and dishwashing soap, then thoroughly scrub the baffle. This is where the bacteria and mold hide. You will notice gunk on the sponge, indicating the breeding going on under your nose. Rise the sponge thoroughly and scrub the baffle one more time to ensure all the gunk is removed.

  • Head to the Grinding Chamber

Although this area might not be as dirty as the baffle, it is safe to clean it in case any bacteria managed to survive. Take care not to injure your fingers while cleaning the chamber. If you notice gunk on the sponge, go in a couple of times, like with the baffle, until none is seen. Unfortunately, all this cleaning might not be the solution to the foul smell that comes from a dirty garbage disposal. 

  • Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

These are the best for removing foul smells from anything, including your garbage disposal. Pour a cup of baking soda into the disposal, followed by the same amount of vinegar. Besides removing the foul smell, the vinegar and baking soda combination helps kill mold and other harmful microorganisms. 

  • Cover the Drain

You have to allow the vinegar and baking soda time to work their magic, which might take around thirty minutes. Cover with a sink stopper to prevent the fizz from the mix from escaping the disposal.

  • Flush with Plenty of Water

Get the plug off and start the disposal while flushing with plenty of hot water. If your sink area has two basins, ensure to clean both simultaneously for the best outcome. Deal with both basins the same way, repeating all the steps.

If you are out of baking soda at your house, you can use salt in its place, and it will give the same result. Using chemical-based cleaning products could also work, but it is not the best option if you want the safest method.

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