Top Plumbing Tips for Keeping Your Sewer Lines Clear of Tree Roots

Is it Possible to Keep Roots out of Your Sewer Pipes Without Killing Trees?

Having a blocked sewer is one of the problems homeowners despise. No home can function properly without a good sewer system. The emergency plumbing pros have been helping homeowners deal with drain backups for several years and have unclogged and drain rootered out some of the worst drain backups. While most sewer backups are caused by carelessness, such as flushing down items that should go into the trashcan, sometimes it is caused by unforeseen forces. One thing about trees is they are good at surviving, and one of their tactics is to sense moisture using their roots. 

Top Plumbing Tips for Keeping Your Sewer Lines Clear of Tree Roots

Your sewer line passes huge amounts of water daily from cleaning utensils, bathing, or doing laundry. Suppose there are tiny cracks in these lines, droplets of water leak out, making the soil around that place moister, attracting tree roots. With their persistent nature, the tree roots find their way inside your sewers, forming tiny but long hair-like systems that clog the sewer lines. 

Dealing with Tree Roots

You can undertake several simple fixes without consulting a plumber or sewer system technician. Some involve using toxic chemicals while others are safe. 

Copper Sulphate

Your sewer pipes can stay root-free with the aid of copper sulfate. It is offered in commercial home improvement shops in crystallized and foamy versions. The material is poisonous to tree roots, but since the roots can only take in copper sulfate for a brief period, it hardly causes the plant any real harm.

Purchase a Sewer Jetter

Investing in a sewage jetter can allow you to remove roots in an even more sustainable manner. This method involves using a high-pressure pump to push water down your sewage channels to flush waste into drainage basins where it can be picked out. Some might have water-driven spray heads with rotating root clippers. 

Employ a Coil Rodder

Another alternative is to use electro-mechanical methods to remove tree roots from your sewer channels. This uses steel cables circling through a sewage system to cut any roots. The equipment’s tip has a razor-sharp C-shaped edge engineered to remove roots. Plumbers and other sewer cleanup experts typically use this alternative to completely clean up the drain pipe connecting your property to the main drainage system.

Call the Professionals

Buying this equipment might sound like a good idea, but professional ones are expensive. There would be no point in buying less effective equipment to save on expenses. Professional plumbers have more permanent solutions to tree invasions and effective equipment for executing the task.

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